Thomas  Feiner

Thomas Feiner

As the son of refugees from Russia and Poland the musician and 3D artist Thomas Feiner grew up near the sea just outside Gothenburg. "My dad was a little mad. He was actually an architect, but nourished dreams of being an inventor and used to do all these weird propeller experiments in the garden. It was ‘learning by doing’ for him. You simply tried until you succeeded. He has influenced me a lot". Thomas inherited his musicality from his mother’s side of the family. During the 90s he fronted the band Anywhen and has continued composing and recording music since then for, amongst other things, film. His graphics skills are mostly self-taught and he has, via traditional illustration and digital retouching, increasingly come to land in 3D technology over the past 15 years. "There is something seductive and a little intoxicating to be able to simulate reality, creating realistic objects and environments out of nothing. However, it’s easy to get lost in the technical aspects and perhaps too hastily accept the computer-rendered results. Since there’s also a traditional illustrator within me, I’ll usually go a couple of the extra laps until the result better corresponds to my inner vision". Thomas has received considerable attention for many of his imaginative and creative creations. For the Gothenburg Film Festival, he made a 3D illustration of a dragon embryo that won bronze in the Epica poster art category. "I studied egg-embryology and looked at Lennart Nilsson's photographs from "A Child is Born", then used my imagination to come up with a credible result in a program I hadn’t really mastered at that time. But I’ll happily take that kind of risk and go the extra mile if the assignment’s exciting". For the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, he created a series of imaginative campaign images that became something of collector’s items among enthusiasts. “The world-famous conductor Gustavo Dudamel signed a couple of canvas prints of my designs which then were auctioned for the benefit of El Sistema in Gothenburg". The Volvo Trucks calendar for 2013 won the Swedish Publishing Award in the open print category where a number of pictures were either illustrated or retouched by Thomas.

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