Anne-Li  Karlsson

Anne-Li Karlsson

She realized she wanted to become an illustrator when the magazine Darling asked her to do artwork for their article on pornography. After ages at a kiosk at the central station in Stockholm she had finally pushed her last snickers. And since she graduated from Konstfack / Stockholm and California College of the Arts/ California in 2004, Anne-Li Karlsson have been illustrating editorial and advertising projects as well as exhibiting her own work. Her work stretches from thumbnail icons quietly made in her man cave to live wall paintings. In Osaka she spent one week in a shopping window at Hankyu Department, drawing live in front of a curious audience. Her world is coming to life with lines of ink and water color.


  • Hufvudstaden
  • Berwaldhallen
  • Dagens Nyheter
  • Svenska Institutet
  • Skanska
  • Skatteverket
  • Vattenfall
  • Svenskt Sigill
  • Urban Outfitters Stockholm
  • Hankyu Department store
  • and many more
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