Malin  Rosenqvist

Malin Rosenqvist

Malin Rosenqvist describes herself as a real pen-nerd. "Pens are my tools and it is satisfying to share my workspace with them, organised by color." Job-wise, she is inspired by ornate buildings like Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna and the last sultan's palace in Istanbul. "I love extravagant, decorative interior details, preferably in the Art Nouveau style, with lots of gold." Malin grew up in the Dutch town Haarlem, twenty minutes west of Amsterdam, close to the sea and the sand dunes. She trained at Konstfack in Stockholm and the Art Academy in Lucerne, Switzerland. At first she had her sights set on becoming an animator, but technical problems occured when she used images with very small details, and the work also became too time consuming. "I realised it was more fun to just imagine how your drawings move, than to actually put them in motion. But animation and illustration have a lot in common. And my understanding of movement and drama is of help when I draw." Malin's pictures are made of small dots or dashes which she draws by hand. "I think it gives the artwork an interesting texture when a little white shines through. When you draw by hand small errors occur, which give the images more life than if you were to create them in the computer."

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