Peter Hoelstad




Only seventeen years old, Peter Hoelstad took the train to Stockholm to seek his fortune in the big city. He began his career as a chef, but quickly came to the conclusion that it was more interesting to travel and take photographs than to stand in a cellar arranging asparagus on a plate. He learned one thing during his years in the kitchen - to work quickly and improvise when problems arise. Peter's images almost always have a documentary feeling to them, something he strives for in the studio environment. He has travelled extensively in his work and photographed everything from queens and nuclear reactors to executions and football matches. Between 1994 and 1997 he worked at Svenska Dagbladet before spending the following five years at Dagens Nyheter. The most memorable job he has done thus far was when aid organization Diakonia sent him to Africa. "I met many fantastic people that had been given the opportunity to change their lives for the better. It’s meetings such as these that make me love my job. If my pictures can help someone improve their quality of life, then it really feels like I’ve accomplished something meaningful in my life..."