Christina Drejenstam

CONTACT AGENT Molly Karlberg



Since Christina Drejenstam graduated from Beckman School of Design in 2004, her career has taken off with a variety of assignments all over the world, principally in fashion, lifestyle and beauty. Currently, plant nurseries are Christina’s great inspiration, with their colours, shapes and scents. She loves to illustrate fallen fruit and earthy roots as a contrast to glitzy launches of exclusive perfumes. What is significant for Christina's style is that she works very simply and cleanly. She often focuses on close-ups and small details, using transparent watercolors that flow out into the picture. "I draw almost exclusively in black and white with one accent color," she explains. "I also like to leave a part of the picture incomplete for the viewer to fill in." One of her most memorable commissions was for Renault. The company produced an exclusive edition of only 800 units for which Christina had the honour of designing the car upholstery. "The car has my name engraved on the door, that feels pretty huge." Clients: Pucci, Bloomingdales, Harrods, Oriflame, H&M Magazine, Damernas Värld, Kicks, Renault, Lindex, Nike, Femina, The Sunday Telegraph, Dagens Nyheter, NK Stil, Åhlens and many more.